Ajoutée le 11 avr. 2016

Link to Original Video

There is a video going around that claims a woman skier was chased by a brown bear down a ski slope in Japan. Have you seen this thing?

The video was sent in by zackmiller499 and wants Zack wants to know… is this real or fake.

Why don’t we take a look see and get to the bottom of this snowy mystery…

The video starts out showing a young girl preparing to snowboard down a ski slope in Japan. She has her earplugs in and heads down the hill singing along with her music. But no sooner does she get started than we hear the growls of something off screen.

Seconds later, a bear appears to be chasing her down the hill and she remains oblivious to it all because of the music in her ear.

Over the next few seconds we see the bear a few more times but it appears to give up it’s chase and the girl goes on her merry way.

Now on the surface, it looks pretty authentic. But I have a few questions.

The biggest question of course is Do they even have bears in Japan?

Are there any other witnesses?

Who is this girl?

As far as the bears go, they do have bears in Japan, but it’s a little complicated. The area where the girl is skiing is known to have black bears but not brown bears as claimed. Brown bears live in a separate part of Japan and are considered to be almost extinct anyways….

As far as witnesses go, there does appear to be any. Despite the fact that she claims to be at a popular ski resort she seems to be the only one there.

Next, we have to ask who this girl really is. She says her name is Kelly Murphy and some news outlets in Great Britain claim to have talked to her, but no one has published any other information, like her age, where she is from, and if she has a facebook or not.

Add to that they fact that her Youtube Channel was only created a few days prior to my post here also adds mystery.

Based on all this information, and the fact that the bear sound effects sound like something out of a Godzilla Movie, my team of experts are declaring this video to be a Big Fat… snowball of a Fake!